Poco, born in France in 1982 and a resident of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for the past decade, is the founder of the “ POCO&CO ” studio. Weaving intercultural influences and interdisciplinarity into her work, she explores the world of design through objects, textiles and graphic design, with a soft spot for objects. Inspired by and reflective of the environment around her, her products have varying ends depending on where they were conceived and created. Her creations are thoughtful visual testimonies revealing certain aspects of society. Having lived and participated in artistic residencies in a number of African countries, Poco started questioning herself on the African society, which she has had the privilege of observing on a daily basis. She is now able to offer alternative and off-the-wall answers derived from the way she perceives modern African society today. Thus, you will discover an original creative work, where pictures and objects play with each other, mix and morph – a metaphor for a fast-evolving African society, in the quest for a new identity in a world in perpetual movement.

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